01 Osteoporosis

Endocrinologist Lakewood Colorado Osteoporosis 08

A chronic but asymptomatic medical condition that can affect YOUNG and OLD, in which the bones become brittle and fragile due to low bone density and destructed bone microarchitecture.

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02 Osteopenia

An abnormal bone density measurement that will predispose you to fractures and is completely asymptomatic until you break a bone. Act NOW, before you break

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Endocrinologist Lakewood Colorado Osteoporosis 10

03 Osteomalacia

Endocrinologist Lakewood Colorado Osteoporosis 09

A condition that can affect individuals of any age, in which bones become soft, deformed and easily break due to abnormalities in calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D. Find out if you have it!

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04 Osteogenesis Imperfecta

Osteogenesis Imperfecta is a genetic disorder that mostly presents in childhood but often is asymptomatic until adult age. The genetic defect is responsible for abnormal collagen production and results in multiple fractures that occur without apparent cause. Find out if you are at risk.

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Endocrinologist Lakewood Colorado Osteoporosis 06

05 Abnormal Bone Density

Endocrinologist Lakewood Colorado Osteoporosis 02

Bone density test (DXA) measures your bone mineral density at certain sites and compares it with standard young bone mineral density as well as with the bone mineral density of individuals your age. There are many causes of abnormal bone density. Do you know if your bone density is normal?

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06 Fibrous Dysplasia

This abnormal tissue can affect one one bone or many bones and will not only weaken that affected area but also stimulates abnormal bone growth which can produce pain or impair normal function.

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Endocrinologist Lakewood Colorado Osteoporosis 01

07 Parathyroid Disorders

Endocrinologist Lakewood Colorado Osteoporosis 11

Parathyroid disorders lead to abnormal levels of calcium in the blood that can cause brittle bones, kidney stones, fatigue, weakness, fractures, and other problems.

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08 Thyroid Disorders

There are many abnormalities in the function of the butterfly-shaped gland at the base of the neck (thyroid) that can disturb your health. Symptoms like fatigue, abnormal weight gain or weight loss, “foggy mind” and trouble concentrating, as well as “feeling a lump” in the middle of your neck can be due to many different thyroid disorders. Find out how to restore your thyroid function back to normal.

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Endocrinologist Lakewood Colorado Osteoporosis 12

09 Thyroid and Parathyroid Ultrasound

Endocrinologist Lakewood Colorado Osteoporosis 13

Dr Stanciu is certified in thyroid, parathyroid and neck ultrasound. This can be easily done in the office by Dr Stanciu herself.

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10 Vitamin D Deficiency

No matter what your age is, if the level of vitamin D in your body is low, your bones will not be mineralized and will be soft, fragile or misshapen. Vitamin D is important for ALL cells in your body and insufficient levels are associated with many disorders like cancers, infections and others.

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Endocrinologist Lakewood Colorado Osteoporosis 03

11 Hypophosphatasia HPP

Endocrinologist Lakewood Colorado Osteoporosis 05

A rare (but not so rare) genetic disorder characterized by impaired mineralization (“calcification”) of bones and teeth. Many adults don’t know they have this condition, which will predispose to many fractures without trauma, but also many other symptoms like diffuse body pain, headaches, muscle weakness, fatigue, kidney stones, join pains, teeth problems. If you experience any of these symptoms, call and make an appointment. Life-saving treatment is available!

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12 X-linked Hypophosphatemia XLH

X-linked hypophosphatemia (XLH) is an inherited genetic disorder characterized by low levels of phosphorus in the blood due to an abnormal process in the kidneys. This will cause loss of phosphorus in the urine leading to soft, weak bones (rickets). XLH is usually diagnosed in childhood but many adults are never diagnosed until they break a bone or they are found to have and abnormal bone density. This condition is now treatable so you can enjoy strong bones!

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Endocrinologist Lakewood Colorado Osteoporosis 15

13 Tumor Induced Osteomalacia TIO

Endocrinologist Lakewood Colorado Osteoporosis 04

A rare, paraneoplastic form of renal phosphate wasting that results in very low blood phosphorus, severe generalized weakness and body pain. Sometimes a small tumor is identified and removed but treatment is available and will restore your health even when the tumor is not found. Find out how!

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14 Prediabetes, Diabetes, Lipid Disorders, and Metabolic Syndrome

Don’t wait until DIABETES and CARDIOVASCULAR DISORDERS are well established in your body! Address PREDIABETES, OBESITY and METABOLIC SYNDROME as soon as possible! A combination of excess body fat and insulin resistance, is considered the underlying etiology of metabolic syndrome = a group of conditions that together raise your risk of coronary heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and other serious health problems. One in three adults in US have metabolic syndrome. Are you one of them?

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Endocrinologist Lakewood Colorado Osteoporosis 14

15 Weight Management

Endocrinologist Lakewood Colorado Osteoporosis 07

Obesity is a complex disease involving an excessive amount of body fat. Obesity is NOT just a cosmetic concern but a MEDICAL PROBLEM that increases the risk of other diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and certain cancers. A BMI of 30 or higher is the usual benchmark for obesity in adults. A BMI of 40 or higher is considered severe (formerly “morbid”) obesity. There are available treatment that can restore your health! Find out today!

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Dr Stanciu provides Adult Endocrinology (age 18 and over) consultations both in office (Lakewood Colorado) and virtual (TeleHealth Visits)
Dr Stanciu is licensed in the following states: Idaho, Texas, Wyoming, Arizona, Kansas, Minnesota, Mississippi. Patients in these states can connect with Dr Stanciu by Tehealth visit (virtual visit).

For an efficient and thorough evaluation Dr Stanciu recommends sending your medical records (previous visit notes, laboratory and radiology results, DXA – bone density results) as well as complete medical history and medication list before your initial appointment. Carolyn – Dr Stanciu’s receptionist will help you schedule an appointment and Kortney – Dr Stanciu’s medical assistant will help with your questions in regard to our services as well helping you prepare for your appointment.

A. At the initial visit Dr Stanciu reviews all the records you provide and discusses your medical history and your questions. Based on the history and physical examination, Dr Stanciu will order additional laboratory and radiology testing as dictated by your condition. The goal is to find out the cause of your illness so an adequate treatment can be implemented.

At the second visit – Review of Findings visit – Dr Stanciu will review with you all the tests she ordered and will formulate a plan of care. She will provide treatment options suites for your condition. Your participation in the evaluation and treatment is greatly appreciated.

For patients with complex conditions that require intense medical care, membership subscription is offered. Unlimited visits as well as all other services provided by Dr Stanciu and her team are included.
If your condition requires only infrequent monitoring then fee for service is a better option for you.

B. Dr Stanciu is certified in thyroid, parathyroid and neck ultrasound. She will perform this test in the office (for patients with thyroid and parathyroid conditions) and discuss with you the findings and formulate a plan of care – all in the same visit.

C. Endocrine testing: Dr Stanciu can perform in her office stimulation and suppression testing for endocrine disorders like Cushing Disease, Adrenal Insufficiency, Growth Hormone disorders, etc

D. Blood draws for established patients

E. Injection administration: Prolia, Evenity, B12 vitamin

F. Injection training for Tymlos , Forteo and Teriparatide