Morning star endocrinologist colorado springs his home to Dr. Stanciu MD. She is a 5280 magazine top talk to her for 2021, 2021. And earned top endocrinologist 2022. She believes that medical research has to be communicated to patients in a simple language. She takes her time to thoroughly answer all of her patients questions and concerns in order to choose the best evaluation and health treatment plan. Our goal mission is evaluation and treatment that would provide the great benefits to you with the lowest risk out there. We provide direct care.

Medical resources for endocrinologist colorado springs include osteoporosis. This is a medical condition that is characterized by low bone mass. This increases risk for fractures. This is usually found in one to two women up to four men. This is usually diagnosed based on a clinical trauma fracture depending on the abnormal bone density test. There is a way to prevent it if you can maintain a diet rich that is a plant-based diet with fish and chicken avoiding any processed fruit. Dairies are always great and shit always be a part of your daily meals. This treatment sequence is very important and we are here to guide you in the best treatment out there.

What medical resources do Colorado Springs offer? Osteopenia is a clinical term. This is when the bone rise or density has heavily declined and is not normal anymore. We serve osteomalacia, which is a condition found in adults where the bones become soft and deformed because they don’t have enough vitamin D or calcium. We treat abnormal bone density, this is a measurement of how much minerals are in your bones. We use a special as a x-ray to test us. It’s very important to have a quality test in order to obtain the right result. We require highly trained technicians to do it correctly.

We service parathyroid disorders, which is a disorder that affects many organs including your bones. Having to maintain a normal blood calcium level is a super important part and can immediately impair your heart function. Overactive, parathyroid glands can cause brittle bones, kidney stones, fatigue, fractures, weakness, and other serious problems. Underactive pirates, they are real clowns are unable to enter the normal blood calcium account and cause muscle spasms, heart rhythms, and contractures.

You can check out our website to learn more about us, to see the services that we offer in detail, to check out our patient resources, to see our box, you, client testimonials, if you were a patient portal and more. You can like it’s on Facebook and find us on Instagram. We specialize in building strong bones. We are very personalized in osteoporosis and endocrinology. Direct care. Let us be your bone thyroid today. You can call us 7208940400 or visit us online so we have telehealth consultants available as well. We are licensed in Idaho, Wyoming, Arizona, Texas, Kansas, Minnesota in Mississippi. Stay tuned, we have more states being added. In the meantime, we can see anyone in person and our Lakewood, Colorado office.

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We offer endocrinologist Colorado springs experienced and highly qualified endocrinologist care. We build strong bones. You can see you are a personalized osteoporosis and endocrinology direct care. We have bone thyroid. It’ll soon be a specialist ready to work with you today. We are licensed in Colorado, Texas, Wyoming, Kansas, Arizona, Idaho, Minnesota in Mississippi. We offer telehealth Consultations as well. Stay tuned because more states will be added. You can always come visit our Lakewood Colorado offices as well. We offer experience and highly qualified training, and we strive to understand your challenges, and help you improve your quality of life.

What is the history of endocrinologist Colorado Springs? Dr Stanciu I was born in Romania and her father was a vet and her mother was a nurse. She was exposed to medicine very early on and to see the ability that I had to do peoples life so she developed a passion herself for her medicine. It was extremely challenging to get a position in Romania, but she went to medical school at Carol Devilla university in Romania graduating in 1991. She continued training with an internship of general surgery at an emergency clinic or hospital, followed by a general medicine residency at Fundeni clinical hospital both being in Romania. She completed all of her training in 1997 and received the title of specialist in general medicine.

What is the history of the endocrinologist Colorado Springs? She moved to the United States in 1997 to pursue an internal medicine residency at Cook County Hospital in Chicago. It’s always been a dream of hers to practice real medicine in the USA. Following her residency if she wanted to advance in endocrinology. She was accepted as an EndoCrine at a university in Maywood, Illinois. She received her board certification at endocrinology and metabolism in 2008 and had decided by the requirement to practice General internal medicine for six years. She joined the private practice, Boise, Idaho, where she practiced general endocrinology. Then she made a doctor, a well-known metabolic bone expert who is leaving the practice, and she continues to collaborate with both of them providing care for patients with osteoporosis.

In 2019, she joined a para, Norma orthopedics and spine center in Golden Colorado. She further to her knowledge and understanding of different rare bone disorders. She then decided to move on becoming an independent provider able to practice endocrinology based on her patients actual health. You have to communicate that simple language is what she believes in. She is able to choose the best evaluations and treatment plans. She believes that each and every patient is different and takes a different amount of time to understand the complexity of their treatment. But she is willing to spend time and make sure that every patient is comfortable with the decision.

You can visit us online at to find out more about us, see your services, and more. You can like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. Call us today at 7208940400 to get your first appointment scheduled and on the books today.