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Direct Endocrinology Care is providing healthcare in the endocrinology speciality that focuses on comprehensive, personalized, expert care in a timely manner for patients with endocrine disorders. Dr Stanciu’s GOAL is to provide quality care that prioritizes YOU – THE PATIENT.

We are not contracted with any commercial or governmental insurances for consultations and clinic procedures. You can pay for each service you need or you can enroll in membership. There are several membership options according to your needs. See more at Service Fees.

  • Most appointments scheduled within 48 h
  • More time with physician – longer patient visits
  • Evening and weekend appointments for membership patients
  • Transparent pricing
  • Quality endocrinology care


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Endocrinologist Lakewood Colorado Mid Service Osteoperosis

Osteoporosis & Other Metabolic Bone Disorders

If you are concerned with abnormal bone density, osteoporosis or osteopenia or have repetitive and non-healing fractures, you are in the right place. Dr Stanciu will evaluate the cause for these issues and recommend appropriate treatment.
If you have a rare bone condition, you are also in the right place for appropriate evaluation and treatment.

Endocrinologist Lakewood Colorado Mid Service Thyroid

Thyroid Disorders

If you struggle with any thyroid disorder and need quality thyroid care, you are in the right place. Dr Stanciu will evaluate your condition and prescribe the appropriate treatment. Dr Stanciu can also perform office ultrasounds.

Endocrinologist Lakewood Colorado Mid Service Diabetes

Diabetes, Prediabetes, Obesity & Metabolism Disorders

These disorders are affecting millions of people in the USA disturbing their life and increasing their risk for heart attacks and strokes. Dr Stanciu can evaluate and help manage your prediabetes, obesity, any type of diabetes and metabolism disorders so you can enjoy an active and productive life.

Endocrinologist Lakewood Colorado Mid Service Adrenal

Adrenal, Pituitary, Hypothalamic Disorders

These disorders are not as common as other endocrine problems but can be very difficult to diagnose. Dr Stanciu can evaluate these endocrine disorders and find adequate treatment for you.

Endocrinologist Lakewood Colorado Video Ph

We provide telehealth consultations as well

At this time only patients that reside in Idaho, Wyoming, Arizona, Texas, Kansas, Minnesota, and Mississippi. Stay tuned for more states to be added. In the meantime we can see anyone in person, in our Lakewood office!

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Experienced, highly qualified Endocrinologist, Dr Irinel Stanciu MD, FACE, CCD, ECNU

I strive to understand your challenge and help you improve your quality of life!

My great satisfaction is to help you achieve “The Best You!” By understanding the fascinating world of endocrinology, my passion is to find out what is not working properly in your body and use every tool available, in direct collaboration with you, understanding your unique history, experiences and hardships so you can achieve a vibrant health and enjoy your life!

Dr Irinel Stanciu is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism by ABIM (American Board of Medical Specialities) – this requires periodic examinations for maintenance of certifications.

She is also an active member of the following medical societies:

  • ACP – American College of Physicians
  • AACE – American Association of Clinical Endocrinology
  • ISCD – The International Society for Clinical Densitometry
  • Endocrine Society
  • ASBMR – The American Society for Bone and Mineral Research

Dr Stanciu provides Adult Endocrinology (age 18 and over) Consultations both in office (Lakewood Colorado) and virtual (TeleHealth Visits)

Dr Stanciu is licensed in the following states: Idaho, Texas, Wyoming, Arizona, Kansas, Minnesota, Mississippi. Patients in these states can connect with Dr Stanciu by Tehealth visit (virtual visit).
Patients from other states can see Dr Stanciu in the Lakewood CO office.

These are some of the medical societies Dr Stanciu is a member of or collaborates with.

Endocrinologist Lakewood Colorado Medical Societies